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It is currently Saturday, 5 December. Today I feel like sharing with you The best place to visit in the United States. Henceforth I have picked out the state of Oregon. Is hands-down the best state in my opinion. this post to be more for people that live in the state and would like to know mo
re about what there is to do locally.

Crater Lake OR
Everything about Oregon is amazing. They have amazing summer is an awesome winters as well. From hot to cold no matter what the season. I have found that in the state, you can always find something fun to do. Funny to say considering I live there (ha ha not very funny but yeah…)
I could talk about things to do all day, four instance like Mount Hood or Pacific city. Those are my two favorite places to take mini vacations to here, when I’m not traveling out of the US. The first time I ever stepped foot on Mt. Hood I fell in love with it. The snowboarding terrain is just outrageous. To be honest there’s nothing really like it anywhere else.
On the contrary to letting my loyal viewers know about the activities. I would also like to share with you guys the services Oregon has to offer. I really think that the carpet care industry around here is like no other. Whenever I have put some stains in my rugs by accident I go ahead and give my buddy Joe, owner of carpet cleaners of Salem a call. He does an amazing job for a great price. If you would please go support his carpet cleaning site when you guys have some time, that would be awesome! Another great service in Oregon, specifically the Portland area, is there autobody repair. For all of your collision repairs I would definitely recommend that you guys take your business too Leif Hanson over at leif’s auto body. I went there when I crashed my Porsche and they fixed it up like new.

Adventures of Monaco


Coming back at you guys with another review of an awesome place to travel. Today we will be talking about the fun adventures of Monaco. This amazing coastal city nestled right in between Spain and Italy is one of the greatest destinations in the world.

Renowned for their history of Formula One racing, Monaco is one of the most popular vacation spots around due to the Grand Prix that comes along once a year. With this place you can expect nothing but the upmost of luxury and wealth. I recently took a trip there and I could not believe how many yachts I saw a bunch together in just one area. These were the biggest boats I I had ever seen in my life most of them look like ships. That is just the start to it, there are cars like Ferrari’s, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and Pagani’s everywhere you look. Not to mention the jewelry stores and five star hotels.

Being there for a week even made me feel likeI was living in a fantasy land. There is so much money bunched together in one area that it will make your head spin off quite literally. More importantly in the wealth though is the amazing culture and history that Monaco has to show.

When I was there I got to take tours of all the old battlefronts that of been long forgotten. I had never learned so much about one small area then I did In Monaco. The story of it is so rich and full of detail, so many drastic and extreme events have happened there over the last few centuries. It is been conquered and seized back time and time again by many different powers. This has left a country littered with a past time of many conflicts that took place. That is OK though because it’s what gives Monaco it’s spirit. Even though there were passed wars, to claim such a beautiful Landmark this incredible destination has finally come to a spot in time where everybody lives in peace. The atmosphere there is like nothing you have ever experienced before. Continue reading Adventures of Monaco

Traveling on a budget

Everyone wants to be able to travel, but there is this preconceived notion and everybody’s head that you need a ton of money to go on vacations often, which is not true in the slightest bit. Do not let negative thoughts like that hold you back from doing what you want in life because in the end you will have regretted it. Granted though, I make a lot of money so I admit that it is easier for me to travel then it is for most people . If I wasn’t wealthy though, I would still find a way to go to the places I want to visit.

You might be thinking to yourself at this point “well if it’s so easy Sam how come we haven’t figured out yet?” Well in that case you have definitely come to the right place because the reason I created this blog is to help people with their traveling needs. When traveling on a budget there might be a few things that you will have to adjust making your trip a little less comfortable, but that’s okay because at the end of the day the only thing that really matters is that you have those memories. Going back to the subject of the matter, there are certain aspects you will have to take into consideration when you financial means aren’t that large. These factors are listed as follows.

1. How often are you go on adventures- Obviously if your bank account is not very large you will definitely want to limit how many vacations you take per year. What I would recommend you do if you’re in the situation is that you prioritize the places you would like to see. Go-ahead and take a piece of paper in the list of the pros and cons of the destinations you like to visit. After you have figured that out rank the places in order from most important to least important. Doing this will help you figure out which areas you should spend your time and money visiting over the next year. Continue reading Traveling on a budget

Greatest travels of the winter season

Hey everyone, we are back again with another post like I promised you. Since it is getting colder and winter is approaching, I am going to do something a little special. Today is geared more towards the skiing crowd, we will we talking about the two greatest winter destinations to visit on earth.

First of all if you do not ski and or snowboard, it is something you should definitely think about picking up. There is nothing like going up to the mountain and boarding for a day. Riding through the powder fields just takes your mind off everything and lets you sit back and relax. The feeling of floating that you get when gliding through snow is incomparable to anything else. So I encourage you to get out and try if you haven’t had a chance yet. You’ll have the time of your life.

Moving along now to the important part of this article which is the destinations themselves, here we go.

The number one place in my opinion is Jackson Hole Wyoming. This ski area is just absolutely ridiculous. Rated by very many many high authority sources, Jackson Hole is one of the most renowned resorts in the world. People from as far away as you could even imagine come here to snowboard or ski simply because of the snow quality and terrain. There is nowhere else that can even come close to Jackson. They don’t call it champagne powder for no reason. The snow is so light and fluffy that it literally feels like you are weightless when flying through it. In fact, if you try to form a snow ball, it will just fall right out of your hands. The terrain of the Tetons is some of the steepest and most thrilling you will ever experience in your lifetime. There is one famous spot at the top of the mountain called Corbet’s Couloir. If you ever get the chance to visit, make sure to go up to Corbet’s because the view is breathtaking. You can see the whole Grand Teton valley from that one spot. Jackson Hole has definitely gone down in the history books, and I recommend that you mark visiting this amazing landmark on your bucket list. Continue reading Greatest travels of the winter season

The greatest place I’ve ever visited

Australian Outback

As you know from the first post i added on to this blog, I have been traveling around the world for quite some time now. About 3 years to be accurate. In that time I have been to many different places, but nothing will ever match up to the time that I spent in Australia. When I went here I had the time of my life. There are so many things to do, and so many different adventures to go on. Do not even get me started on the trip to the Outback. More importantly though, there’s so much culture and just the most amazing people you could ever expect to meet. What i have said so far doesn’t even scratch the surface of what lies in the amazing country though. So let us talk about a few of the many reasons why you should visit Australia.

  1. Can someone say the word Kangaroo.  In my opinion, the Kangaroo is one of the most intriguing animals to have ever walked planet earth. The way they hop around instead of walking, and have a little pouch for the joey to sit in is just utterly amazing to me to say the least. And Australia is know for having the largest population of these crazy animals on earth.
  2. There is an amazon?!? Yeah I said it, Australia is know for how many different types of ecosystems it has. I bed you nobody would have expected there to be a rain forest though. Continue reading The greatest place I’ve ever visited

Welcome to my new website

Hey everyone, welcome to the new website named RK Travel I just wanted to say hello, my name is Sam. I am a travel enthusiast.

You can read more about my story right here. The reason for this project is to my passion for traveling. I will be blogging about the best places to travel, my experiences, and the tips for traveling if you would like to pick it up for a new lifestyle.

I’m very excited to tell you guys about how many great places there are to see on this planet.  Think of this blog as your informational guide for all your traveling questions. All I am here for is to help educate people on why traveling is an important thing to do in life. There are so many amazing cities, countries, and towns in the world to see, offering so many chances for unforgettable memories. With all of the different experiences that traveling has to offer, and all the opportunities to meet amazing people. It is just something that simply can’t be ignored. Life is too short and people need to live a little bit.

Check back tomorrow for more posts.